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Through each stage of religious practice to overcome the challenges, I meet myself again. After that brief moment of encounter, I should embark on a new journey with more challenges like the winds and waves.

At each segment of a new journey I will confront new difficulties. Again, I will feel lonely, forsaken, lost, and anxious about the unknown journey.

The number of journeys in the religious practice is unlimited, and the length of each journey cannot be predicted.

I look at my previous journeys and realize there were many unexpected events. Plans and decisions have changed incessantly in every ksana, every second, every minute, every breath, and every heartbeat. They have changed with the speed of the circulation of the electric current as the blood in the body.

At every ksana, the activities of the body’s functions are closely synchronized and connected with the changes in spirituality, surpassing the mundane cleverness that requires time to perceive and to adjust timely with the pace of life.

Do not use the mundane cleverness hastily to judge the spiritual changes, instead just listen patiently to these changes. At every changing phase of the spirituality and the corporeality, we should stabilize the mind instead of hastily acting, judging, and concluding. We should neither be disappointed nor feel despair at times of chaos and conflicts, when the new path is not clearly opened.

Do not recklessly hesitate and torment yourself; instead you should understand that it is part of the natural law at each turning-point, when a phase has just ended and completed, to pave way for a new path.

The best attitude is to be peaceful and complacent in the mind in the face of internal troubles caused by the rearrangement of degrees, energies, and currents to prepare for integration with higher levels.

The complete adjustment of the body’s functions is vital. One should recognize and understand all of this to avoid confusion at a later time. From now on all changes will be stronger and faster, to synchronize with the changes in current events and world politics.

All oracles and predictions about the future are just a trap for those false prophets to be eliminated for the Superior Era of Divine Ethics. Those who take advantage of the Divinities, Buddha, God, or natural disasters in order to serve their own selfish plots will fall into the abyss. This is their self-destruction, self-punishment, through their own words and deeds.

This is the invisible punishment reserved for those who “buy and sell the Divinities.”



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