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Does the Dharmakaya need to learn?

If it already knows the past and the future, why does it need to learn anything further?

Knowing the future and how to realize the things that will happen in the future are two different matters. That is why the Dharmakaya still needs to learn through mundane bodies and characters to understand mankind, because human nature, characters, and physical bodies are subject to perpetual change in the pace of evolution.

The Dharmakaya must learn to adapt to evolution, and it can only learn indirectly through a mundane body.

Once being in the Dharmakaya after having reached the stage of a BODY out of all bodies, the Dharmakaya can learn anything under auspicious circumstances. All circumstances will accommodate the learning process and the progression of the Dharmakaya. Whatever the Dharmakaya wants to learns, it will be accommodated. All things and beings around it will be arranged to make way for its learning process, whether the circumstances are favorable or unfavorable, calm or agitated, orderly or chaotic.

All games and moves are predetermined; the players only need to use their clever minds, their strong willpower, and their great patience to win the game.

The game itself cannot be active; it needs the players. The moves are supposed to be high or low, forward or backward, winning or losing, to come to an end.

Although the game of the future is predetermined, the players should be lucid, motivate their intelligence, constantly learn, and not underestimate their opponents. When they win, they should not be proud or arrogant. When they lose, they should not be pessimistic or troubled. They should know that the moves that win may turn out to lose, and that losing moves may be necessary to win the game. Be calm, lucid, and self-confident to avoid an impasse that will lead to a dilemma and eventually to a defeat.

The players should have a broad and far-reaching view, not a restricted one, in order to avoid wasting time to protect each pawn in a chess game. They should know which move is important and overlook the less important one. They should consider an overall view, and hold firmly the opportunity, so they will face fewer challenges and failures.

Move forward when you need to, and retreat when you have to. Do not rejoice when you advance or be disappointed when you retreat. Remember that all moves forward or retreats are just part of a journey to serve the high-above divinities.

When you see anything that needs to be done, do it and be responsible for it. Do not depend on someone else. When you depend on someone else, what happens to your intelligence? Moreover, your actions and whatever happens are not in the learning process or in the intentions determined by the Dharmakaya.

The Dharmakaya is completely illuminated. On the contrary, all mundane cleverness is in the reasoning, bigotry, division, love and hatred, and past prejudice against all individuals.

The Dharmakaya is the wisdom of prajnã (the perfect wisdom), beyond time and space, and the understanding of sentient beings. The Dharmakaya is eternally indestructible and boundlessly illuminated.

Human beings should practice and progress themselves to realize the Dharmakaya, to integrate with the great translucent light that gives light and love to all species and sentient beings.


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