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From now on you must be responsible for your decisions. In this way you can make wise decisions. All situations that have passed or will take place always have their cause. You should not blame anything or anyone else, since the people who live around you are under the movement of the five elements; thus you can learn and progress.

Whatever you think is right, be determined to carry it out. This is the stage of Contemplation of the Mind, a phase during which you must turn inside to find your own self. You have to face yourself. Ask yourself: “Do I understand myself thoroughly?” At this moment you must cut yourself off completely from life matters, and your family will help you to do this. Nothing is too difficult. What is difficult is in you. Do you have the willpower to keep peace of mind?

The more tranquil you are the better it is. You will not depend on anyone if only you can find yourself. From this moment, do not be preoccupied with anyone else’s matters. Do not worry or feel ashamed that others progress and have a better opportunity to learn. Keep your mind stable, and do not be confused. Being confused has many reasons: envy, anxiety, fear, and greed. If your mind is agitated, it might still have some motives. When you reach emptiness, your mind is no longer agitated, because desires cease to initiate. With peace of mind, your look, breath, body, and the currents of human energy all are at peace. You will generate a magnetic field of calmness and tenderness that can influence the surroundings and even the universal atmosphere. You will become a fastidious machine, which is as sensitive as well as insensitive to receive and know but does not react, since it has its balance. You do not need to speak, listen, or see in order to know, but you automatically know when your machine is at the level of emptiness. At the level of emptiness, it will become supernatural: it can see without looking at, it can hear without listening, and it does not speak but can transmit ideas to others.

Are these the six supernatural powers? Do the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and thoughts become supra-empowered?

Yes, but you must cross the path of absolute Contemplation of the Mind and practice in a diligent manner. From this moment you notice the transformation of your mind, body, and thoughts. Even the muscles on your face will change, with less motion than before. Your eyes become calmer. You change completely from the past and are no longer agitated. Your look, speech and attitude will completely change. After the phase of internal transformation, this is now the phase of external transformation. This is a natural process, nothing unusual. The stage of emptiness is to end the six sense-objects, and you will live in non-duality.

The High Above always watches and protects you. Your vows will be realized.

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