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Is it true that the path leading to truth, goodness, and beauty is the ONLY WAY and the ONLY JOURNEY?

Is it true that if I want to follow this path, I can only choose it or not, without the possibility of a choice for another path or a companion?

This is the only way for one who is alone. This is also the only choice for the one who wants to liberate himself or herself, to leave everything behind in order to advance, to look forward and never look back.

Where will the ultimate suffering and loneliness lead men? The answer is: to emptiness, non-being, and truth. In other words: to a limitless horizon of boundless radiant lights.

I raise my eyes to contemplate the immense sky. I am just by myself, alone on this earth covered with the verdant grass. My ears are listening to the supersonic sounds of the cosmos. My body is breathing and inhaling the heaven’s energy. My eyes see the bright force of life that illuminates everything. Nature performs harmoniously with me in a whirling dance.

It is like I have been tossed in the fierce torrent through many streams, but constantly strive to overcome all the problems in life.

I have been whirled in many storms, and I revolve continuously between the spiritual life and the material life.

Finally, when the waves stop and the winds cease, I will float peacefully amidst the immense ocean, with only water, clouds, sky, earth, and me. I integrate with the breathing, the energy, and then I disappear.

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