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There is no True Knowledge if men are being confined in a mold. In a mold, knowledge is limited and restrained, while the True Knowledge is unlimited and broad. Knowledge can be obtained from the illuminating energy, but it must be developed and forged in the physical body so that we may have the words with which to teach all spiritual states and forms and to impart the seeds of truth.

Whatever comes to us, we should act. Any contemplation is only an illusion in the past or the future. We have to be awake all the time to KNOW WHO WE ARE. We are the PURE LIGHT. We are not the role that we assume, but the illumination -- the light of knowledge. We are neither a physical body nor feelings. We have a body and feelings in order to act, learn, and realize. However, all of that is not us. Therefore, such DELUSIVE WORDS as honor, fame, class, responsibility, dogma, etc. should be stripped off.

The WAY is not RELIGION, as “religion” is only an illusive word. The Way gives people freedom, while religion oppresses people and controls people in dogmatic mold. The Way is willingness: the willingness to choose our way of life. On the contrary, religion does not give us the choice, but requires that we adopt a dictated way of life in order to be admitted to Paradise or Nirvana.

The Way does not give us ambition, but religion does. The Way gives us the choice of our own life, while Religion gives us the wish to reach the illusion of Nirvana. Living in the Way, we enjoy every second and each breath of life. Living in religion, we have to change ourselves to follow the laws and the molded doctrines, so we can be delivered at death.

Because we want to be delivered at death, we actually are living corpses in this present life.

We are living in a corpse if our spirituality is dormant. At the same time, we blend ourselves in the drama of life and falsely believe that we are the actual characters of this drama. We are happy, sad, joyful, we suffer, and we really FORGET OURSELVES. We forget ourselves through the roller coaster of life: happiness and suffering, success and failure. We are distressed by adverse circumstances, or we rejoice with favorable circumstances. We are agitated by all events, by losses, by downfalls, until suddenly we are awakened.

We should firmly grasp those rare moments of awakening and not let them slip away and evaporate, leaving behind our ordinary nature with the sense organs that pull us back to the ongoing drama of our life.

Go back to be in eternity with the inner sounds. Go back to ourselves, with our breath in every second. Go back to our true self, so we can live the life we have chosen: a life without delusion, a life with a deep and strong willpower to confront all problems, and scenes of the drama of life.

Go back to our true self, so we can live a LIFE WITHOUT DELUSION.

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