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How can we keep our mind in constant tranquility in every situation and our knowledge from being seen by others?

How can we be self-effacing among the crowd?

How can we remain silent, gentle, and quiet at all times?

The answer is: a tranquil mind conceives wisdom.

If you encounter any problem, try to keep your mind undisturbed; do not think, reason, and observe. Stay in emptiness, and the knowing will emerge. The knowing may not relate to any actual event, but it is the root of every actual event, which cannot be seen by our mundane nature.

This true seeing actually helps you.

This is the light to guide you in every moment. If your mind is not tranquil, judgment will arise, and it will lead to mistakes. Only tranquility and emptiness can keep the light and burn it constantly inside you. Less of the flickering will lessen the mistakes in your life. Be constantly awakened. And if you want to be constantly awakened and illuminated, you should always put aside your ego, as well as the Knowing. Just release the Knowing and free it in order to return to perfection, to the light, to the source.

Is it a challenge to have a tranquil mind that conceives wisdom? Every one of us wants to accomplish that, and we might think we have already reached that, but a very few actually realize that. How many steps do we have to pass in order attain such tranquility?

 At each level we attain, a new door opens. You keep on going; you continuously open doors, but thousands of them still lie ahead. With each opened door you will come closer to the light, impregnate more light, see more light, and live inside more light. As you get closer to the light, you also get closer to yourself, you see yourself more clearly, and you are more lonely and quiet. The more lonely and quiet you are, the more you become tranquil and blissful, instead of being in suffering. Quietness or Tranquility is powerful, illuminated, steady, and unbreakable as a mountain rock.

This bravura only resides in those who are sincerely devoted to spiritual practice, and committed to discharge themselves from all burdens.

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