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One of the most difficult challenges for a religious practitioner is to be able to live in falsehood as in truth with others in order to avoid disturbance.

We have to vanish completely so that we can blend into the mind of each person to understand him/her. Once this is done, we become that person and no longer need anyone to understand us. Once we’ve become that person, his or her mind will be in harmony with ours and will re- integrate to understand us.

At the moment of sudden awakening, the super-knowledge is enlightened at a speed faster than the speed of light. We see but seemingly do not see. We know but seemingly do not know. We hear but seemingly do not hear. Therefore, life will not be disturbed.

We should see falsehood as truth. We can live in falsehood and yet it does not seem like that, because we are not affected, manipulated, and controlled. Our mind and consciousness are empty, relieved, free of obstacles, so that we can be beyond time and space.

When our consciousness is light and dynamic, the “Seeing” will open exponentially. We have to be beyond feelings, sounds, and low-level atmospheres to see and hear what the mundane eyes and ears cannot and to know what others do not.

We should overcome the ordinary thoughts to harmonize with the higher thoughts and with the super-illuminated minds. We should integrate with the super-illuminated minds so as always to learn the new changes of the future yet to come, so that we know what to do now, what direction to take, and how to avoid making the same mistakes as the crowd.

In order to serve others, we should be able to see, hear, and think before something happens. We should overcome all difficulties in life, false or true. Nothing is completely false or true. We should deal with all obstacles in life in order to reach our goals.

We must sacrifice completely without realizing that. We live in falsehood without seeing it that way. We should also see falsehood as truth and find happiness in it, in order to attain the indivisible truth.

We must use full willpower to overcome all obstacles. This is the most difficult challenge for the enlightened one, but it is also the most successful task in the implementation of the Way.


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