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All situations we face in our life take account of our choices. Everyone has the same responsibilities and duties; the only difference is that some can see them and others cannot. Those who see have a chance to give meaning to their lives. Those who see realize that life is increasingly worth living. They enjoy each moment and learn in every passing one.


We face many choices and crossroads, so we need to stop each time for contemplation. We should always remember that the basis of all basics is the Self. The Self is the number one priority, and we always have to satisfy its demands. We should know what our weak points are, what we need to improve, what can make us happy, and what can make us dissatisfied. All problems in life that are difficult to solve, basically derive from our ignorance about what we really want or about how the Self is dissatisfied.


If we know the roots of our disgruntlement, or what needs have to be satisfied, then we will learn how to reorganize our life in a more efficient way.


Looking back at our life, there were times when we felt dissatisfied. This resulted in harsh words or bad attitudes, and we did not understand the reason we behaved like that. With a moment of calm to reflect on oneself without reservation and justification, one can clearly see the roots even of life’s most trivial action.


True joy, false joy, true grief, false grief, true anger, false anger, true hatred, false hatred, true love, false love, all will be exposed distinctively. Might joy come from hatred, or anger come from love? Might not grief come from too much love or from too much hatred? We should often ask ourselves this question: do we know our true self in reality, or just through our thoughts and feelings? We should be able to discern that our thoughts and feelings are not our true self, but that our Self is the root of all these thoughts and feelings.


When we are able to know our roots and our true self, we can find out the roots of all mistakes; and from there we can find good remedies, appropriate methods to solve all complexities in life.


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