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Self-confidence based on the truth guides us to clairvoyance.

Self-confidence based on illusion guides us to blindness.

What is illusion? Where does it come from?

Illusion is what we imagine.

Do we create illusion or does it come from others?

We base our self-confidence on illusion when we cannot control our desire; since desire incites us to think only about what we like to think, to hear only what we like to hear, to know only about what we like to know, to do only what we like to do.

Self-confidence based on the truth exists only in those who have eliminated their ego; they know how to think about what they do not want to think about, to hear what they do not want to hear, to do what they do not want to do, to look at what they have never looked at before.

When people are no longer thrust by desire, they can see the truth. To be able to see the truth will give them self-confidence in clairvoyance, or true self-confidence.

True self-confidence increases with the level of knowledge.

True self-confidence helps us to know clearly about ourselves, about what to do or not to do. Once we clearly know about ourselves and what to do or not, we are no longer confused and fearful.

Our mind can only be steady when confusion and fear no longer exist.

Once our mind is steady, we are in control of our life, can integrate into the universe and nature, and can avoid being crushed by the wheel of creation.

What is nature?

Nature is the Way. It is also the harmony between men and men, between men and the universe.

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