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How can we purify our physical body, words, and thought while still in this everyday life?

Every word, act, and thought has a question about its own purpose.

To answer this question, we should go back into the inner mind where the question started. Why do I talk? What is the ultimate cause? Why is it latent in my inner mind? Why has it become words?

We then turn to the person in front of us to ask the question. Why do I talk to this person in a different way than to another? What makes us speak? Was there any relationship between this person and me in the past? What message do I want to convey this person? To flatter myself? To flatter this person? To make him or her happy or sad? Do I talk to him or her with joy or with anger? Do I talk with sorrow or with pride?

Not only can words create karmic deeds, but karma is the result of every action, gesture, and attitude. There are looks, smiles, and facial expressions that make others suffer. There are actions and attitudes that please some people but actually hide a vicious intention to harm and lure the prey into the deadly trap.

All actions and words lie in the depth of Thoughts that will lead people to Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, or into a sinful abyss.

In the chaos of life, we should always remind ourselves to come back to the awakening, the internal sounds, and the beauty of nature. A mild wind, a bird’s song, a moment of silence can be a call for us to come back to our tranquil inner soul, where we can meet ourselves, see ourselves, and hear ourselves to know: What we are really thinking? Feeling? Wanting? If we can answer this question about our profound desire, we may be able to restrain ourselves. We grasp that desire that is pulling and pushing us into the darkness without a direction. We should discharge it in order to come back to the inner emptiness. This inner emptiness is miraculous, marvelous, happy, and beyond all time and space.

This emptiness beyond all time and space is infinite and eternal. This is the kind of happiness for which everyone yearns. This is eternal happiness. In this emptiness there is neither expectation nor disappointment, neither love nor hate. This is a wonderful state. There is neither my religion nor your religion, neither my language nor your language, neither my skin color nor your skin color. The borderless state of mankind and the spiritual life will help everyone see the irrationality of discordance, anger, hatred, conflict, and unjustified killings.

Everyone knows and realizes this, but after many centuries mankind still has not reached this infinite state. Does the division between you and me still exist?

Ego, a tiny part of this infinity, has not yet been purified, analyzed, transformed, or bravely crushed so that we can look at each other and recognize that all are Oneness.

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