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When facing problems, if you are more concerned about being RIGHT or WRONG than about PUBLIC OPINION, your faith is yet steady and strong. When your faith is as steady as a mountain rock, you will do whatever needs to be done. However, when you decide to do something, you should be aware of its consequences and prepare to face them. But since you believe that what you do is right and can anticipate the consequences, you will accept them with ease because your faith can neutralize them. The most important thing is to have forbearance and patience. This is also a test of your faith and willpower.

Faith and willpower are the two most essential elements for the PRACTICE for TRANSFORMATION. Without them, it would be like rowing a boat around a small pond without reaching a shore. With willpower and faith, you can surpass torrents and falls as well as dangerous turns of the rivers to reach the great ocean. The ocean symbolizes knowledge. The challenges are the sufferings in life, and only if you can endure and surpass them will you reach the WAY, because the Way is the KNOWING. The Knowing helps you to become complacent; the Knowing tames the six senses and the six sense-objects when they arise in any situation and circumstance. The Knowing always keeps your breath steady while facing unfavorable or challenging conditions, since the Knowing helps you see all aspects of the problems. When you can SEE, you will be in HARMONY with all people and things. Therefore, the Knowing does not only help you, it also helps other people and things and brings common benefits for all sentient beings. People around you may not know this, but they can enjoy the harmony you generate. They feel happy and light at an instinctive level, while you feel happy and light in mindfulness.

Religious practitioners contribute to the calmness of Mindfulness. It blends into the light of the universe, the circulation and emission of divine air that harmoniously generates love and life to the universe. When you live harmoniously with the universe, everything around you will be harmoniously reorganized with the universe, and of course in tune with you. Therefore, all agitation and disorder will naturally end.

Now, you can clearly see how the MIND transmutes DESTINY!

Religious PRACTICE is to correct and will therefore help us to be on the right path. To tread the right path will help us to neutralize the karmic effects. The karmic effects are the accumulation of your wrongdoings in many previous existences and in this life. This life is the consequence of many previous existences. If you know how to practice the right way to neutralize the karmic effects in this life, you will automatically neutralize all the karmic effects of previous existences, as in the saying, “Practicing (the way) in one life, awakening in one moment”. To know is to erase and efface.

Thus, the goal of the religious Way is the KNOWING.

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