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Why cannot righteousness and falsehood be harmonized?

Why cannot theism and atheism be harmonized?

Why cannot communism and nationalism be harmonized?

Why can the yin and yang be harmonized?

The yin and yang can be harmonized because they are only two currents of energy. The harmony of the yin and yang creates equilibrium between the micro universe and the macro universe.

Alternatively, righteousness and falsehood, theism and atheism, communism and nationalism have two separate approaches, two separate purposes that lead to two separate ways.

Two separate and different approaches, purposes, methodologies, and thoughts cannot be harmonized, but only bring clash and chaos.

Clash and chaos will fade for the emergence and development of a new approach. A new approach that is in harmony with the divine and the human will.

Prophet Huynh Phu So will be absent during that period, which is a period of trouble and struggle between theism and atheism, between communism and nationalism.

The Prophet will reappear at the right moment to lead Hoa Hao Buddhism, a nationalistic religion that is in harmony with the divine and human will, to rebuild Vietnam.

The universal law is based on cause and effect. All presence on earth has its own reasons. We must hold on to this with a stable mind in order to advance. Any change or shift comes from those who have had a change of heart -- those who are no longer loyal to The Prophet and The Patriarch, but are only taking advantage of the Prophet and the Patriarch and of the prestige of Hoa Hao Buddhism to serve their political plots and tricks in order to satisfy their ambition.

The challenges are always there to bring about shifts and changes. A Buddha who comes to this earth knows all of the past, the present, and the future. He knows how the religion was born, its challenges, its misfortunes, and its advancement to a period of renaissance.

When the religion is reaching the period of renaissance, He already knows the factors for its renaissance and the roles that need to be prepared for this. Those who assume their role and responsibility for the renaissance of the religion had been previously chosen by the High-Above. They must work and overcome challenges to implement their roles.

When those with the mission to bring renaissance to the religion come to this earth, they should have the spiritual strength and the support of external conditions to form a movement strong enough to gather the winds and the storm in order to achieve complete success.

The Dharmakaya of Prophet Huynh Phu So will appear everywhere to transform all genuine spirits by the learning procedure.

All individuals with a mission will be transformed to meet each other to carry out a common goal to rebuild the Religion and the Nation of Vietnam.

All loyal believers of The Prophet and The Patriarch should maintain their confidence in order to step forward.



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