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How to prevent the mind from being agitated by sounds? How to prevent the mind from being agitated by its surroundings? How to prevent the mind from being agitated by thoughts and words? How to prevent the mind from being agitated by contacts, or by the human body?

What is complacency?

Complacency is the state of non-agitation. Let the ears hear the sound without resistance, without restraint, and keep the breath gentle. Accept the sound of being as well as of non-being, so the ears will receive it through the sense of hearing but not become disturbed and agitated. At this moment, the ears hear, but as if they do not hear, because words and meanings do not enter the mind and it is not disturbed. The mind is only disturbed when the resonance of the sound has some meanings with high or low tones. The higher tones may cause more irritation, because the sound is louder. When our mind is in the state of emptiness, it is also in the supersonic state, which means at a higher level. The lower tones, though smaller or greater, cannot enter the supersonic level of the human machine.

Being at the supersonic level, we can catch any lower tones. In order to be at the supersonic level, we have to stay in the state of emptiness (neutral). In the state of emptiness, our machine is at the optimal condition, no longer subject to the movement of five primary elements, this is the beginning of the TRUE SELF. Not only the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind-base know, but all the cells will also know. We will receive awareness not only through these six, but all of our cells will have the same ability. Therefore I am no longer separated from my own self, as I have met my true self and live in my self.

So, who am I?

Who am I really? And do I have a spouse and children? Will family matters be a problem for my religious practice? Is it difficult for me to find my true self again? Am I too far away from myself? I have been learning about life for many decades, and must I now set everything aside to search for my true origin in order to know where I come from? Why do I come here, and what do I have to do in this world?

Do I have previous existences? Who was I in previous existences? Was I a woman?

How can I know about my previous existences? Is there any way to know about my previous existences, or will I know it just by chance? What do I have to learn on the way to search for my previous existences? How can I avoid delusion, imagination, and self-obsession?

I was told by The High Above that I would realize my vows of sacrifice for the salvation of sentient beings, so what means do I need to have in this period of decadent dharma?

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