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Those who say they truly love are in fact greedy in love. This is not true love, but the desire to own love.

What is possession?

Possession comes from lust, selfishness, and animalistic instinct.

Those who say they only give actually want to own as much as they can.

What is the true meaning of giving?

The true meaning of giving is that we do not distinguish between ourselves and others, and no action occurs from one place to another.

So, what is true love?

True love only exists once non-self is attained.

What is non-self?

Non-self is the state when we do but do not see that we do, we give but do not see that we give, we love but do not see that we love, and therefore there is no possession.

When we want to be more possessive, love will gradually be lost.

Possession is the opposite of true love.

The more we want something, the more we lose it.

True love is neither lost nor not lost, increased nor decreased, too much nor too little. Thus is eternal love.

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