6-Fellowship tradition

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6-Fellowship tradition

After Huyen's death, he was buried at the National Military Cemetery. According to Uncle Hung, one of the inhumane Communist actions after taking complete control of South Viet Nam was to destroy, directly or indirectly, the graves of the soldiers of the Republic of Viet Nam Armed Forces. Out of love for their son Mr.and Mrs.Hung had intended to ask some relatives to exhume his body for cremation and send the ashes to the United States, but then they received a letter from one of Huyen's former fellow combatants still in Viet Nam. For many years they had to postpone the above decision because of the contents of this moving and convincing letter. The following is an excerpt:


"Please allow me to offer this suggestion. When he was alive, Huyen, myself, and so many other friends tried to do something for the country. Alas, Huyen and a number of friends have lost their lives. Still I don't believe their deaths are in vain. The long road of history still lies ahead. Today those of Huyen's friends who are alive don't think that their mission is over.


"In my opinion, this is only a turning point in a new phase of our country's history. Therefore, our struggle will assume a new path.


"A number of my friends and I truly believe now is the time we must embark on the struggle for our people's salvation, and we proudly accept our respon­sibility.


"The road ahead is full of hardship and danger, but it also promises much glory. My friends and I regret that Huyen and some other combatants cannot take the same path toward our people's new destiny. Nevertheless, they will serve as a symbol for our fighting spirit.


"I also believe that Huyen will be my guardian angel on the path I follow. From this belief I deduce that, while alive, Huyen offered his whole life to his fellows; now that he is gone, Huyen has become a traditional symbol of this fellowship. Huyen cannot act as a deserter, even after his death. This fellowship, in one form or another, still continues to exist in its entirety with its traditions."

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