8-A sense of injustice

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8-A sense of injustice

Uncle Hung also wanted to point out another injustice toward Republic of Viet Nam Armed Forces: after they have left the country to evacuate to the United States, each time the Vietnamese refugees speak of the Vietnamese Armed Forces, they often refer to the corrupt, incapable, and partisan generals. This is quite understandable. However, if we speak only of these bad elements without ever men­tioning the sacrifices and heroic actions of the great majority of the fighting men and women from all branches of the Vietnamese Armed Forces, we might inadvertently equate the Armed Forces with the above wicked and sinful elements. It is shameful for the Armed Forces as a whole to be equated in such a way. The prestige of the Armed Forces must be fully restored. The glorification of the RVNAF soldier must be done regularly. We should not con­sider this as the sole responsibility of the Vietnamese Veterans Associations through their publications. Instead, this must be the common responsibility of all Viet­namese refugees' communication media.


Uncle Luu Hung recorded on tape our conversation about Luu Huyen, for the sake of his grandson Luu Doan. As a conclusion he sent the following message to Doan:


"You must be proud of having a father who sacrificed his life for the country. Remember that your grandparents, your aunts and uncles did not leave Viet Nam in shame. I hope and believe that some day, after you have finished your college education, you will be in a position to return to Viet Nam and do something for the country."

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