5-Airborne Special Forces

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5-Airborne Special Forces

I learned from Mr. and Mrs. Hung that after the 1968 Tet offensive Luu Huyen constantly conducted oper­ations with the Special Forces. On several occasions they advised him to request a transfer to a less dangerous unit, but Huyen refused to do so.


Among the junior-grade officers, Luu Huyen was one of the most decorated: he was awarded the Gallantry Cross with Palm, with Gold Star and with Silver Star; the Purple Heart medal; and so forth. Huyen's unit conducted many operations with great success.


When the Special Forces were re-organized into the 81st Paratroopers Special Intelligence Group, Luu Huyen was appointed Commanding Officer of a Reconnaissance Com­pany with the rank of Captain. After Binh Long was at­tacked and occupied by the Communists, a Paratroopers Special Intelligence unit was the first unit that was airdropped to liberate the provincial capital.


Besides the award of numerous decorations, Huyen was twice selected as one of the outstanding soldiers of the Republic of Viet Nam Armed Forces. On the second of these occasions, Luu Huyen and a number of other outstanding soldiers were invited to visit Taiwan by the Republic of China Armed Forces.

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