5- New friends and new games

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5- New friends and new games

The time she would stay  in Hung Nhon, at the house of second uncle Hoa Do, was also very enjoyable, since she could make many new friends and play new games. The house of her second uncle was very large, although it was built in a simple way: the walls were made of clay mixed with straw and then whitewashed with lime. The striking aspect of this house was that its doors never closed to the coming of many refugees, relatives, and friends from the North who had moved to settle in the South. Second uncle was a very generous man; he welcomed and took care of all his paternal and maternal relatives with their children and grandchildren totaling several dozens.

The little girl had the chance to meet many new girlfriends of her own age. They played various kinds of games, or gathered under the trees to pick fruits. In spite of her fears, the little girl liked to bathe in the river and to catch snails on the bank. She asked the older brothers to chop a banana trunk to use as a buoy so that she could practice swimming in the small shallow river behind their house during hot summer afternoons.

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