12- Prophet Huynh’ s patriotic love

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12- Prophet Huynh’ s patriotic love


In his teachings as in his poems, He always reminded the Vietnamese people to love each other and be firmly united.

In His poem “The Waking Up Bells” written in the East coast in 1946 (SGTVGL. p. 462), He called:


“However vast might be the personal loathing,


Let us forget it to work for the common gratefulness.


North and South are all the same race of Lac Hong,


Let us  forgive each other to live together.”






“Oh the persons with patriotic love,


Listen to this advice and wake up from delusion.


Elder and younger brothers, let us come back,


Be united into one bloc, no more division.”



The Founder Huynh also taught us to think once again of our race (SGTVGL. p. 467):  


“This lamentation is to call for the spirit of the race,


Vietnam! To the Vietnamese let us return at once!


To love our race, is it better?


We all are of the same race of Lac Hong!” 


His love for compatriots and humankind, as well as His determination to preach  religious principles in order to serve the nation and the religion, have always been the guidelines of my evolving journey to the future. In the poem “Visiting Nhon Nghia Village” written in Can Tho, year of the Dragon 1940, " (SGTVGL. p. 302), the Founder Huynh expressed His determination to save the country and bring peace and happiness to our homeland:


“Thousands of poor commoners' families are suffering,


Fathers and sons part; red blood falls and taints. 


I love them so much as probably to lose my mind,


I determine to save them by using a popular religion.


How I wish that the universal concord


Will spread all over, and Lac Hong will be content.”



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