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January 13, 1991


I live completely out of human laws and traditions. I am being but simultaneously non-being. I am present but like non-present. I have to take men’s positions, within the social orders, familial roles, as husband, wife, parent, and child, to learn about human beings on this earth. However, I constantly remember that I am the sacred macro light, translucent, magnificent, and dazzlingly brilliant. If I let human laws control me, I would be opaque and obscure. Although I live with them but I AM WHAT I AM. Although I might be controlled and mistreated by human beings, but my sufferings are for my learning, not for my stay in the metempsychosis cycle on the earth. If I was controlled but unable to find a way out for my spirituality, I would be IMPRISONED IN THE EARTHLY HELL.

Each breath, each movement of the sense organs and functions is the vitality, the process of learning. I should know how to enjoy each breath, each emotion, each feeling, and each sensation, so that I can open my heart. The wider my heart is opened, the more erudite, sensitive, illuminated I shall become; the further my spirituality develops, the greater my supernatural capability shall multiply.

I am living on this earth surface but outside the earth. I am within human laws but also outside of human laws. I simultaneously play different roles in the human life, but enjoy the freedom of learning to enrich my spiritual life and the wisdom of prajnã (the perfect wisdom).

Stepping out of human constraint, I live in the wonderful harmonious whirling dance of the universe; I live with each warm sunlight, each gentle wind, each quiet movement of the leaves and flowers. Everything seems illuminated to greet me, greet the AWAKENING of a human being who knows to come back to the GREAT ENLIGHTENMENT with LUCIDITY of the REALIZED WISDOM that have always been there through so many previous existences.

My Realized Wisdom found, I have to polish it thoroughly, keep it always shiny and clear. It is the Clear Light guiding the Path for me, so that I SHALL NEVER TAKE THE WRONG WAY, I shall never come back, and I shall reach the end, in the synchronization of all sacred micro lights to build a global community for humankind.



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