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January 3, 1991


How can we differentiate clearly the karmic affinity or attraction from the sinful lust?

How can we avoid an arising thought?

Which arising thought predicts karmic affinity? And which arising thought bursts out from sinful lust?

An arising thought predicts karmic affinity is the one originated from the heartfelt love. And an arising thought bursts from sinful lust is the one originated from carnal desire.

What is love, and what is sexual desire?


Love is the feeling originated from the heart. Love will continue and develop in multiplying ways. Sexual desire is the feeling originated from the craving of the body. Sexual desire develops accordingly with the urgent need of the body, and will gradually die when such need ends.


Love cannot be changed or influenced by circumstance or situation, whilst sexual desire is completely influenced by circumstance or situation and by other feelings such as self-importance, selfishness, etc.


Love helps us to learn how to open the heart widely, develop all sense organs and feelings, and initiate the wisdom. Sexual desire without love gradually leads us into the obscurity of foolishness.


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