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What is the realization of the Righteous Fruition?

What is the realization of the Way?

How to become Buddha?

What is the Buddha?

How is Buddha’s nature?

What is mundane nature?

How can we transform mundane nature back to Buddha’s nature?


Buddha’s nature is purity, the perfect vacuity. Mundane nature is the process of learning and imitation of human beings, of surrounding materials, of greed, hate, delusion, joy, anger, love, and detest.

Is mundane nature good or bad? right or wrong? Should it be kept or disregarded? Increased or decreased?

Does mundane nature lead human beings to joy or grief? suffering or happiness? lightness or heaviness?

How a human being changes from Buddha’s nature to mundane nature; and how could he change from mundane nature back to Buddha’s nature?

Is the change from Buddha’s nature to the mundane nature an easy one; or the change from mundane nature back to Buddha’s nature easier?


Am I spoiling myself, deceiving myself, serving myself, causing my pure Buddha’s nature to become trifling mundane nature with all greed, delusion, grief, pain, anger and hatred?

Do I have to suffer physical and spiritual pains to become awakened to get back on the ancient path full of lights and aromatic pristine flowers?

I will get back to the delightful garden to sprint around joyfully and be carefree with my blithe mind of emptiness. I will enjoy playing and singing without weariness.

The path leading back to the old garden of childhood is not so difficult, but requires a great will power to stay away from ephemeral illusions that have tainted my body and soul.

The old delightful garden is so far away, if I do not struggle enduringly to get back my will power, without fear of all the pains and solitude; if I do not bravely relinquish everything to come back to my true self.


Come back to my true lonely self in the garden to pick the fruits of wholesomeness that are reserved for me. Discharge everything for the emptiness in my mind, so that the fruits of wholesomeness would scent so delightfully.


For that reason, Buddha’s nature is to help us attain enlightenment, get back to our true self. Nevertheless, mundane nature also helps us to open the heart with understanding, compassion for all human beings, to see ourselves and others as One with all the feelings and sense organs.

The correlation between Buddha’s nature and mundane nature will help the life force to brighten splendidly, full of genuine love among all human beings and sentient beings.


The realization of the Way is the undividable enlightenment.



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