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 June 5, 1984


Some might think meditation as a state of nothingness. In fact, the state of nothingness is only one of various states of meditation.

Meditation is staying in a state that controls all other states; or a state of awareness to check all thoughts, deeds, and feelings. Such as, if we were mad, we know why we get mad, and how it was expressed, and what consequence it may bring to others. When staying in the state of awareness, we will clearly divide our own self in different layers, so that we can make good decisions about what to do and not to do.

Meditation does not only mean that we control ourselves, but we are also our own leader; at such a moment,  people and what is happening around us do not affect us, but we can affect them in reverse, since in the state of meditation, we know not only about ourselves, but others as well.

Meditation is the state of total wakefulness so that we can control and direct ourselves.


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