17 Tháng Mười Hai 200812:00 SA(Xem: 15306)

9- 24-90


When you liberate yourself, it means to liberate all: all sounds, forms, circumstances, and people living with you.

At each moment, you have to remind yourself about getting back to the inner sounds. You end all thoughts, all judgments from the past as well as in the future. At that moment, you will truly see, hear, and know. You will have true feelings: feelings that will not be drawn away by greed, hate, and delusion. You will look, see, hear, listen, and recognize in the moments of serenity and complacency. You will just acknowledge without feelings of joy or grief, hate or anger.

Everybody, everything around you is living their own lives, having freedom and responsibilities about their own lives. As you are breathing and living your own life. You are a spectator who is watching a live drama.

If you constantly remind yourself that you are only a spectator in a live drama, you would keep the serenity and complacency in every moment, everyday, from young age to the old age.

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