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July 21, 1990


What is the Way? And what is Life?

Literally, the Way is the religious or spiritual path, whilst Life is the ordinary living of a human being.

First, a human being needs to find an appropriate path to follow; and secondly, right after, tries to apply that path into his life and for himself.

If you can find the path, but cannot apply it, you will lead you to delusion of thinking that you have realized the path, or being disappointed because of your inability or lack of power to carry out what you believe as righteousness.


Is this easy or difficult to apply the Way into Life?


 The way and life are only one.


Is the RELIGIOUS PRACTICE of the MARRIED person more constrained than of the SINGLE one?

Is the RELIGIOUS PREACHING of the married person more constrained than of the single one or those who choose to leave their family for a religious life?

Could people in POLITICS also preach about religion?

Could people in BUSINESS also preach about religion?

RELIGIOUS PREACHERS do not discriminate menial work or greater, success or failure; because they might sometimes succeed in politics or business, but fail in religious ways; or they might sometimes fail in politics and business, but advance in religious ways.

Those who PREACH and SERVE the RELIGION do it with their thoughts and acts; they do not wait until they have financial security or power to serve. Since religious service based on money and power could lead to IMPURE THOUGHTS, then to self-oriented ACTS. Such service does not benefit others but only serves their interest.

Therefore, HAVING LOTS OF MONEY and POWER in order to have more opportunities and means to serve others, the community, the people, or the country is just a WRONG notion.


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