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March 1990


How to keep the mind constantly tranquil under any circumstance, and not to show your knowledge to everyone?

How to keep the presence constantly self-effacing amidst the crowd, be always quiet, soft and humble?


When our mind is tranquil, we may attain wisdom.

Facing any event, do not let our brain work, think, reason and judge. Keep the word of emptiness, then the knowing will come. This knowing might be unrelated to the actual happenings, but it is the root of all actual happenings, which are unseen to mundane eyes. Only the true seeing can help us. It is the light that guides us in every second.

If our mind were not tranquil, our brain would jump to judgment; and such judgment would only lead us to confusion and mistake. Only tranquility and emptiness can keep the light and brighten it continuously inside us.

This light is less flickering, our life is less erroneous. Be always awakened; be always self-effacing; let's forget about knowledge, release it back to the perfect truth, to the  light, to the source.


The tranquil mind conceives wisdom, is it possible? Everybody wants to attain it, and might think that they can get it, but rare are those who really realize it.


There are many steps to reach such tranquility. At every arrival, a new door will be opened. We always step on, open more, but there are still thousands of new doors. Each newly opened door leads us nearer to the light, enables us to permeate more light, to see more light, and live in more light.

Every time we come nearer to the light, we come closer to ourselves. We come deeper into our self, see more of our self, live more silently and lonely; the more we are silent and lonely, the more we are serene, blissful, it is not suffering.


Tranquility, stillness is so strong and bright, and as hard as a mountain rock, which could not be destroyed by anyone. Such strength resides only inside the ones who truly practice the Way, and sincerely self-release.


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