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December 1989


          The Way

If we could find the Way, the path, we might be able to solve everything.


The Way will help us see.

We can only see if we are not affected by sentiments and prejudices. We are not affected by the past or the illusion of the future. We are not affected by our personal interests or some others, but we look at the works and try to accomplish them for common benefits. When we consider things based on personal interests or for the benefits of some , we are still selfish. When we are selfish, we are still blind.

When we are blind, we cannot see, and will eventually make wrong decisions which only bring bad consequences. One bad solution will entail another bad consequence, and our life will be bound into a cycle of wrong solutions and consequences. This string of wrong solutions will not only harm us, but also make the beloved ones around us suffer.

Thus, the first thing to do to cease sufferings is the tranquility of mind. This is what we have to do immediately without hesitation.



How can we be tranquil when disturbance directly affects us, and we are unable to make others see what we see?

Tranquility will come when we offer our sincere heart to solve all related problems. Never solve the problems following others’ point of views; since this might only brings  temporary  tranquility to both parties, but actually causes disturbance to ourselves, since we act against our sincere heart.

One essential principle to reach tranquility is never going against a sincere heart. When we act with a sincere heart but still feel disturbed, this means we are still under the influence of others' thoughts; we are still worried about their judgments of good and bad, and still want to receive a fake recognition from the mundane world.

To tread the righteous Way is to find the true value, an eternal value, which is unchangeable by time and space. Such value requires the seekers to purify themselves with determination in order to fulfill it. 



How can I talk less?

You should think less.

How can I think less?

Your mind should be less disturbed.

How can the mind be less disturbed?

You should have emptiness in the mind.

How can I have emptiness in the mind?

You should have no ego.

How can I have no ego?

You should exterminate the ego.

How can I exterminate ego?

Is it right or wrong to exterminate ego?

The ego is I; thus, to exterminate the ego also means to exterminate myself?

To exterminate myself, so, where shall I inhabit?

Since I am a being, I should exist. The “I” cannot be exterminated. Talking about “exterminating the I” is only talking about chimera or illusion. Chimera and illusion cannot be realized.


For that reason, exterminating Ego to talk less is wrong.

To live in this world, we need to have ego, a direct ego linked with a mundane human being so that we can exist in this life. To live in this world but want to eliminate ego is wrong, like a chimera, or even a lie or confusion to us. This might lead to wrong deeds, wrong acts which in turn will produce wrong results.

Consequently, we have to face our big EGO, and learn how to live with this big EGO without falling into deception about ourselves and others, or to become sand prototypes that would collapse at nay moment.


Is this possible to undo all of our past deeds, destroy all of our blueprints, and veil all of our seeing?

At each level of religious practice, there are respective levels of seeing. The seeing becomes gradually more fastidious, and more complex. At first glance, it seems like the opposite, but it is actually not the opposite, because at higher level of knowing, we can see that everything is encompassed in the roadmap. When we are at a higher place and look down at the roadmap, we can see all exits. However, when we are inside the roadmap, we can only see a few short distances.

If we are still inside the roadmap but try hard to seek and test the roads and the exits, we can gradually get more knowledge about those roads, some small paths, some long ways and some shortcuts. Actually, none is wrong, the only difference is some roads lead smoothly and quickly to the end, whilst others take a long path. Some of them even lead us around, then back to the starting point. Hence, we need to be calm and patient to search for the seeing. The seeing will help us to choose a right path to advance, not to recede, to move on the straight and not the torturous way, which leads to the true end, not some false end that eventually would get us back to the “beginning.”

Thus, we have talked about exterminating the ego, but this is not really exterminating the ego. The mind is empty, but it exists at the same time, this means we need to know when we need to have the ego so that we can act like a human being with Ego, although the ego has already been exterminated to become non-ego, with a mind although the mind is actually an empty mind no-mind.

If we live among others in society but act with the no-mind or the non-ego, we would not understand people, this would bring imbalance in life, and conflicts with others.


If we are non-ego and no-mind but act with ego and mind, we shall have lucidity to look at all things for the common benefit, not for individual interests, hence, we may avoid many mistakes and failures.


Therefore, talking less or talking more is not important, but the point is what we talk about.

When we need to talk or not to talk. When we need to talk more or talk less. What we need to talk about at this moment or at another moment. What we need to talk about at this place or in another place.


Therefore, the important point is that we know when we talk.


         To overcome fear


How can we avoid the state of being out of control or non-disciplined? How can we differentiate between un-mindful and mindful acts, based on truth that we need to follow? How can we differentiate between selfish acts for self-protection and conscious acts for common benefit? How could we know such acts would bring wakefulness to ourselves and others?


Is it true that every question has already the underlying answer, since if we do not know the answer we would not have the ability to understand the question and ask it to ourselves. Is it true that the question might be an indication that we have already seen the problem, identified the problem, and know where it comes from. Is it like those who have lost the way would know how to find the exit, or those who are in the darkness would know what the light really is?

Is it true that self-restraint and quietness of the mind would make us more tolerant and generous, then anger and sadness will show us that the only actions based on sincerity could bring true peace of mind and tranquility. Our false peace of mind will also bring false peace of mind to others. Our false happiness will also bring false happiness to others. Only the TRUTH is permanent and eternal. All falseness with artificial make-up over the body, the words, or the actions is merely ephemeral.


Unreasonable acts are those taken under unreasonable considerations, or decisions made in a state of anger or sadness, or a strongly emotional state lacking logical reasons. Such actions are done without thinking about their consequences and responsibilities. Whilst sincere acts are those taken in the awareness, barely affected by emotional thrust and inconsiderate decisions. Those who act that way have previously thought about the consequences and are ready to take responsibilities of their actions.

The actions that aim to the wakefulness of both parties are the ones that overcome fear. Those who still live in fear tend to overprotect themselves with nice thoughts about themselves, and even try to get good impressions form others. All their actions aim to polish and protect their own EGO.


To wake up and become helpful for both parties, we need first to forget about ourselves, forget about the beneficial or harmful impacts to ourselves, thus we may stabilize our mind and act without being bound by others' judgments. At such moment, we can work or act in the awareness.


         Great or small?

Am I too small?

What is great, and what is small?


When the mind is stable, the mind-force exists, the will power is extremely strong that nothing can get in its way to become a storm or a torrent. All true revolutions started from a very small and lonely state but also strong and patient; they did not start from greatness, from the crowd. Only from the smallness and solitude comes the purification and the genuineness. In the crowd, there are only conflicts, manipulation, agitation, and nothing like thoughtfulness.

All revolutionary thoughts have resulted from solitude and smallness first, then spread out to the supportive crowd for realization. The supportive crowd for a revolution is not the noisy and disordered activists, but the silent crowd. The crowd of the patient ones. The crowd of those who observe, know, see, wait, and think quetly.

This crowd only waits for a bright way, a dignified leader for them to respond.

Everything has been happening, is happening, and will happen on the great chess game of this universe. Nothing is new or old. Nothing is good or bad. Everything pertains to the movement of the universe, and follows the people's desire of transformation, and it will go in that direction.


We should work without delay or distraction. We should subdue selfishness and personal ends to devote ourselves to re-build the equilibrium ofthe universe, in order for humanity to survive perpetually.

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