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June 29, 1989


Is there any difference between intuition and true feeling? If yes, does feeling lead to the wrong way? If no, then what happens? How can we distinguish between feeling aroused from intuition and feeling aroused from desire and response of six senses?

Feeling from intuition leads you to peace of mind, quiet mind. It is the deep feeling and that is the end. It does not provoke any body's sensation or desire.


Are we responsible for the people whom we get in touch with?

Yes! That is why we have to choose what we can do and what we cannot, depending on their spiritual level of knowledge, because we may lead them into a wrong way and also ruin our reputation by creating misunderstanding for them as for the people around us. This is one part of our self-control. It also helps us not to go further in our own feeling, which can change anytime from intuitive feeling to sensuous feeling. This can happen very easily, because feelings have no barrier and it is very hard to control without high knowledge, determined will, and strong mind. These feelings can be affected by any kind of love and desire.

People with high knowledge should know where to lead people who get in touch with them. They do not only act to satisfy their feeling and their giving or teaching, and do not leave others in the middle of their way. With higher knowledge, they are more responsible while getting in touch with others. Do not leave people half of the way or lead them in the puzzle without finding the way to get out of it. If they get into the puzzle, we will get into the puzzle, too. Do not try to be a teacher. Be your own teacher first.



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