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June 26, 1989


You cannot neutralize yourself without inner strength. Inner strength gives you the power to control your own self (six senses), to control the situation (place and time), the environment (no matter where), and the mass (no matter what kind of people are in front of you).

When your mind is strong enough to control others, fear cannot exist. You can say what you want, you can answer what you want, and you can answer the questions. (If fear exists, your electrical current of energy will shake or cut off; your mind will fail in the process of catching knowledge from the central source of the universe). You should be aligned to the central knowledge, which is universal and it can be accepted by any religion, any culture, and tradition.

The central knowledge can provide you all the information of the mundane world. Whatever fact you may face, that intelligent center always collects, compares and responds. Nothing is new to that center.

The only thing people need to do is to be able to connect with that center.

To connect with it, your current of electricity should have its speed, which is the speed of light.

Keep your body and mind in the light successively; and you will be on tract with it.


Centralize - neutralize - you are in.

You are that central knowledge.

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