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 August 17, 1988, 8:30 am


While you have entered the level of living in the quintessence, why are you still scared of external conditions and look for the advantageous ones?

When you live in the quintessence, there will actually be no more circumstances - the adverse circumstances may be the advantageous ones, whilst the advantageous ones may be the adverse ones. When your mind is disturbed, advantageous circumstance also become disturbed; when your mind is tranquil, even adverse circumstances become tranquil, too.

Nothing can disturb those who are determined in religious practice. If they still hesitate, that means they still have fear. This is the fear of difficulties, whilst religious practice does not embrace the choice for easy tasks.

Do use the life mechanism to learn about life. Do not obstinately pay heed to it, but just understand and follow it for survival. Thanks to its purification, you can now stay in the perpetual wakefulness of the quintessence. Do not pay heed to its feelings or thoughts, but live beyond all feelings and thoughts. The quintessence that you are now living in has unlimited and invulnerable force.

The High above always blesses the practitioners, as you can realize every time that your body or soul agitates. Do stabilize your mind and constantly step forward.

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