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May 5, 1984

* The Zen which can be described is not Zen.
* We cannot learn to understand Zen; we can only experience it.

* To be in the state of Zen is to be awakened in every thought and deed.

* To be in the state of Zen is to be in the state of Awareness.
* Zen has no boundary.
* All races are united in Zen.
* To attain Zen is to attain Nothingness.
* To attain Satori or Salvation is to attain an endless and unexpressed delight.
* To be in Zen is to live true to yourself.
* Zen is living in harmony with nature.
* Zen is accommodating to any circumstance.
* Zen is to look, to hear, to taste, and to smell without any preconceived notion.
* Zen is awakening in an awakened state of mind.
* A Zenji cannot be motivated or manipulated.
* Zen is the ability to explain to people about what does not exist in form and in life.
* Zen is not  passive, but an active state of mind.
* A Zenji lives in reality rather than in illusion or imagination.
* A Zenji has a clear mind.
* Zen is to look, to hear, to taste, and to smell with clairvoyance.
* To be in the state of Satori is to be the Master of oneself.
* You can be in the state of Zen in different characteristic personalities and in any kind of worldly activity.
* Zen in the midst of the hubbub is Real Zen.
* To understand Zen, you have to empty your mind first.
* Zen is the ability to see people through their different personalities.
* A Zenji has the ability to make people see different aspects of  the personality  that he wants to play at the time.
* A Zenji is free from love and hate.
* When you use Zen terms to describe Zen, there is no more Zen.
* When you know that you are in the state of Zen, then you are not.
* When you try to describe Zen, then a repetition or imitation involved in your mind.
* You are at the state of Salvation or Satori only when you feel free from love and hate. This is Real Zen, or the unfelt-feeling.
* How can you describe Zen when Zen is nothingness, emptiness, where there is no color, no odor, no beauty, and no ugliness.


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