2- Fell down into the river

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2- Fell down into the river

One day, when my mother was busy talking to Great-aunt Muoi and the cook was busy preparing a meal, I had the chance to play alone with water and some balloons. I sat on the lower floor and stretched my arm to fill the balloons with water, then tied one balloon into many parts with rubber bands to make a doll.


I did not know what really happened; maybe I was too absorbed in the game, or my arms were too short and then I bent too low.  I lost my balance and fell down into the river, making a great splashing sound. The servant ran over in time to grab my blouse and pull me up. In my fear and distress I cried dreadfully, choked and coughed because I had drunk a lot of water, and trembled in my thoroughly wet clothes. My mother was frightened and upset at the same time, and she scolded me severely. I was too small to have a change of clothes, so my mother had to dry my soggy clothes on the cords while I covered myself in a thick bath towel and stayed inside the boat until my clothes were dried.

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