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April 25, 1987


The law of cause and effect is the Divine law that human beings cannot intervene. Anyone who dares to intervene will be indubitably punished by this law.

Any human being who wants to step out of this law of cause and effect must terminate all motives. The motive for Desire is the source of Greed, Hatred, Delusion, Joy, Anger, Love, and Detest. Desire originated from the selfish Ego. When Ego does not exist anymore, neither does the motive for Desire; thus, doing is just like non-doing, knowing is just like non-knowing; this is the realization of "form is emptiness, emptiness is form.” This is the true escape of Destiny.

What are Divine Destiny and Human Destiny?

Divine Destiny is the deliverance. God gives human beings all the conditions to set themselves on the right track of deliverance. Human Destiny is human limitation in their ambition, greed, hate, delusion, joy, anger, love, and detest. All the means that God gives to human beings so that they can surpass themselves to reach the deliverance, are now used wrongly by men to restrain themselves and cause more accumulated karmic effects, and finally receive back their own bad karmic effects, in an endless cycle with no way out.

At anytime, men have the chances to deliver themselves - when waking-up, they need to stop immediately all bad actions and speeches arising in the mind. They must be sincere with themselves, do not deceive themselves with unfound justifications. They should get out of or avert the Divine mechanism of cause and effect. That mechanism never favors anyone, never accepts anyone's imploration, and never spares anyone.


Stepping out of the law of cause and effect is stepping into the Divine Destiny.

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