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 March  3, 1987

(When I was working at Artistry Flowers shop)


While performing any of the spiritual duties, you must have confidence in yourself. Do not lean on divinities; do not lean on your master or any close person. Do not expect that someone may help you or understand you. Only you can understand your spiritual duties, so, have trust only in yourself, and dedicate yourself to every responsibility and possible consequence. This is actually an offering of the entire body and soul without regret.

You must learn to listen and understand others before they understand you, since people around you are like mirrors that reflect yourself. The problem with Jean shows that you cannot speculate about the thoughts of other people through their acts, but rather look at all happenings with a non-discriminative attitude to obtain a clear and accurate recognition. This is pure logic. Likewise, when you look at the events in a subjective way, this means you are using your own self to consider others, adding some of your sentiments and self-importance, making more twists and switches. However, this does not mean that you have to forfeit all your understanding about human nature and repress all your ego and self-esteem, but just use them in the right places. If you apply the principle of “form is emptiness, emptiness is form” in the wrong places, you may provoke imbalance in the relationship between person-to-person (employer-to-employee), which may cause unhappiness, and give the employers a chance to abuse you.


Sometimes, you have to conceal your love for others so that you can live conventionally with them, because if your sentiments were explicitly expressed, people would have enough chances to be reflexively bad to you. Just like in the case of Robin, since Mai was too nice, Robin could not see such attitude came from kindness, and took it for something natural; accordingly, Mai provided to Robin the chances to abuse Mai. When Mai did not show her usual amiability, Robin took it as depravity.

You should be careful in your acts, sometimes acts of goodness may have reverse effects, by rendering the other parties bad, although they do not intend or realize it. Anything good that happens may actually be bad, since bad things may also be good for our learning process and evolution. There is nothing useless. You have to be devoted, patient, purified to advance. Do not wish to wear the speedy seven-mile-a-step boots. It is only useless when the people around cannot go with you. Even if the divine fate can be foreseen, it does not happen right away.


Seeing is also suffering. Foreseeing too early may disturb the patience and harm the GREAT EVENT. Be serene, you will receive frequently. Everything stays in the mind, but cannot be revealed until the appropriate time. Even ignoring your own progress is a good thing, because it soothes your sufferings and avoids ruining everything.


All your vows to sacrifice are accepted by the High Above, and they were touched by your faithfulness. They will bless you to overcome all difficulties and sufferings. There will be rewards later. These are not words of consolation, but the prearrangement for anyone who can overcome all challenges and dare to sacrifice their own happiness or even their own life for the cause of universal concord. All divinities know and understand unmistakably.

Be patient to step up in your religious learning and practice. Someday your wishes will be fulfilled.


Namo Amida Buddha


March 23, 1987 -  7:45 am 


People with a mission should strive hard to purify their bodies and souls; this contributes to the equilibrium of the universe, because their very powerful thoughts, once drawn together, can create an infinite force opposing to all evil thoughts causing harm to the whole universe.


From now on, the more you purify your mind and words, the more you will get knowledge, and this knowledge will no longer belong to the external worldly affairs.


All accidents and illnesses will be neutralized sooner than expected, due to your strong mind. The mind is capable to transform fate, and neutralize obstacles in a whole life.


From now on, private affairs should also be arranged, because they link to the common issues. The more you can keep your mind at peace, the more your will power will become infinitely stronger. The serene mind can affect the full atmosphere; your superfluous circumstances do not mean anything. Many people want to disturb, but they cannot. If you do not think good and bad, you will not do good and bad, nor talk good and bad. The mind assists the act and the act assists the mind in reverse. If you do not think good and bad, you will not do good and bad, then the outside world will not be disturbed and will reflect back to your mind and have a reverse effect on it. The external disturbance will destroy peace of mind, as it happened many times in your life, although you thought that it would not affect, but its influences were deep down and could obstruct your progress, even briefly. When you are influenced by external factors, you might stop or recede, instead of keeping track in learning and experiencing other things.


Do not take the disturbance in yourself as the opportunity of studying new things. This is right, but depends on which period. For this period, you have to be calm, and the calmer you are, the faster and better you learn, because the High-above cannot transmit their thoughts to a disturbed body and mind. You have passed the phase of studying in unconsciousness. Now, this is the phase of studying in consciousness to know what to do in the future. You start to know what you need to know. In this phase, you have to be as clear as a mirror so that you shall have enough receiving capacity.

The divinities are at your side to protect you, as your duties are also theirs. From now on, regulate your worldly thoughts; this does not mean that you shall not live your daily life anymore, but just stop thinking about right and wrong, and all new good things that  happen will surprise you.

Namo Amida Buddha

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