11- Prophet’s compassion and enlightenment

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11- Prophet’s compassion and enlightenment


I learned by heart many simple but meaningful verses and stanzas by the Prophet that reflect his compassion and enlightenment. They are guidance in my life and form my approach to people and what is happening around me.

For example, in a poem about filial piety, the Prophet said clearly in “The Deliverance for the Nine Generations” written in Bac Lieu, year of the Snake (Tan Ty) 1941 (SGTVGL, p. 366):


“Practice diligently until realizing the path to save nine generations,


Escape delusive circumstance to attain the divine sphere.


So that you can repay their gratitude of creation,


Our form and body to learn the mysterious destiny.”



To better serve the country, He taught women to follow the example of national heroines such as the two Trung Sisters (Empress Trung Trac and her sister Trung Nhi) and a female warrior called Trieu Au.  In His poem “The Call for the Women’s Corps” written in the year of the Rooster (At Dau) 1945  (SGTVGL. pp. 442-443):


Oh sisters, North and South are only one,


You are the keystone of the race.


Open the history pages of the Nam Viet and see,


The mirrors of Trung and Trieu are still illuminating forever.


So brilliant in the past, you should not be inferior today,


Fear and weakness are the cause of national destruction.


The heroic willpower of the gracious women


Is no less than that of the vigorous men.


The books of the Sages still register clearly,


Even coarse persons still carry duties toward the nation.


I call loudly for the genteel women


To contribute their dexterity to build up the country.

The Trung sisters


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