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Fear, anxiety, grief, anger, and hatred are the result of the separation with the mind.


We should reflect with our mind at every arising thought of the past or of the delusive future. With continuous contemplation of the mind, we will remain in the state of peace of mind. The continuous mind contemplation will cut off all sudden separation of the mind. Since all arising thoughts are immediately cut off, the separation has not yet created images for feelings, emotions, or illusions.


The six-delusive awareness indirectly controls us through the six senses and the six sense-objects. Observing, contemplating, analyzing, and stopping all transformations of the six-delusive awareness will allow us to know ourselves and will allow each of us to be his or her own master. We also know and control the Ego besides our own ego, or our Dhamakaya. Not only do we have to learn and practice, but our Dhamakaya has to learn and practice as well.


We are bound by the earthly world, but our Dharmakaya is free from all laws of this earthly world.


The Dharmakaya is free, but how does it takes advantage of freedom?

The Dharmakaya is free, but its freedom is defined by the Divine, which can only be used in the learning process and in service of common needs and goals.


Those who have a mission should learn and practice thoroughly. They practice, advance, and clear all limits of the earthly world to step into the miraculous boundary which is the Self-Control of the Dharmakaya.


All situations and circumstances are for the learning process and the improvement of the Dharmakaya, not for the purpose of enjoyment or suffering.


Each lesson, after being thoroughly learned, will be cleared for new situations and circumstances, in order to reach higher levels of learning and improvement.


The Dharmakaya does not wish or pray. All things will be conducted in accordance with the laws of the Divine.



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