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If we go beyond all present, future, the thinking, the non-thinking, reality, illusion, language, religious teachings and vows, where would we be?

- We would be in Voidness


For what?

- To attain the Great Enlightenment.


What is the Great Enlightenment?

- The Great Awakening.


For what? Is there any benefit to us and to humanity?

- We will no longer be under the influence of the form and non-form. To be beyond the influence of Pãramitã in order to reach the Heart Sũtra is to be in the complete illumination and to be free of human control and guidance, of external circumstances, of the sũtras, and of earthly thoughts.


We should go beyond language since all thoughts and sũtras can control men through a system of languages.


Language is a great prison that imprisons all human beings. All men, thinkers, politicians, scientists are enchained, limited, and controlled by language.


We should be free of a system of language that controls mankind and limits our spirituality. We should be beyond the state of Being and Non-being, Existence and Non-existence, to look back at the earth, at mankind as a whole, without any emotions, in order to see such a limitation.


We look back and see that all languages, skin colors, thoughts, races, religions, cultures, and customs are all blended. At that moment, we only see Mankind.


For what?

To see clearly what we have to do and what needs to be done, we should not be influenced by any external reasons, so that we will be on the right way of destined providence. This plan is not just for any country, but for humanity as a whole.


Those with a mission, regardless of skin color or race, should not only serve their country but be part of the collective system of Divinities.


Some who have diverted from this path because of personal greed will be punished for not following the purpose of building humanity. The reconstruction of Vietnam is seen as a mission and a goal to rebuild the order in the world. Therefore, the goal is not only to build and develop Vietnam; rather, Vietnam is one of the reasons in the entire plan.


Let us enter the world with no thought, and no-language, to know what needs to be done. We should also stay away from all knowledge and reasoning about what is right or wrong. When the time comes, there will be no more obstacles. All obstacles that we encounter still exist because the auspices are not present. We should adapt ourselves to the circumstances. Be patient, practice, and adjust to the circumstances.


When there are tasks to be accomplished the opportunities will be present, regardless of what is right and wrong. When you are faced with challenges, just remain calm, contemplate, and focus your mind to find the answer for the re-directed path, so that you will not be confused.


How can we achieve the mission as well as to fulfill our role and responsibility in society?

We should be voided of mind and ego to be completely in the Pãramitã, where we will experience loneliness and sacrifice, and we should follow the spiritual changes without any calculation. All spiritual changes depend on the need to serve the common cause. All will be neutralized successfully, without any difficulty, obstacle, or danger.


That complete sacrifice without any calculation had been approved, affirmed, and reaffirmed many times by the High-Above. Every action and conduct will be assisted. You just have to act naturally, without any doubt or fear. The acts, though they may come suddenly, are all predestined; you should not be concerned.


All works are predestined. This means they have been planned and permitted by the High-Above to be carried out for the common needs. All spiritual changes are meant to smoothen those who carry out the works, so that they are not reluctant, and at the same time to give them a chance to learn and develop their spirituality.


Every change of the spiritual state should be recognized in a diligent and skillful manner. When it comes or goes, you should look at it as a fact, without regret or anxiety, and just accept it with an empty mind. From this moment, more works will arise with an increasing speed. Do not feel anxious, hasty, or restless. You should try to accomplish the task as it comes and completely disregard mundane cleverness. As a result of this, you will notice an external change through a new positive glow, and the prana (pure air) will circulate steadily. Every time we receive the prana from a higher level, our body will bear the change through purification of the blood and of the five viscera to become a more fastidious apparatus, to allow us to intercept directly all movements of Providence.


The role of a religious adept who follows the approach of practicing religion at home is fraught with daunting obstacles to the attainment of complete deliverance. Therefore, this practice requires unlimited support to achieve the mission.


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