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Religious preaching in the present time is not the same as in the old days. Religious teaching and implementing the Way are not the same as in the old days.

Religious preachers and teachers should not merely talk or write, but should realize the teachings in their real lives.

In order to feel, you should go through life’s experiences, taste sweetness and bitterness, and be touched by your own skin and heart. Only through real pain, sadness, and suffering that we truly understand others’ sufferings. Only if you have children can you understand a mother’s feelings. Only if you have a husband can you understand a wife’s feelings. Only if you live in America can you understand the refugees’ feelings.

Clerics who live in the seminary cannot advise or guide people who are married and have children, since they do not live in a marriage. Orphans do not know how to treat old parents. Unmarried women do not understand the challenges and sufferings of the bride with her in-laws’ family.

In order to teach the Way you must understand the Way. In order to teach life you must understand life. The Way is not a path paved with fragrant flowers and exotic grass, filled with happiness, wealth, and comfort. The Way is actually a path filled with challenges and sufferings that we must overcome to attain truth, wholesomeness, and beauty.

Those who seek the Way shall practice the Way in every situation, though difficult or easy, though happy or suffused with suffering.

Where is the origin of challenge and smoothness? What is the cause of happiness or suffering? Does it come from us or from others? Does happiness make us forget about the reality? Is happiness like a sleeping pill? Does suffering sometimes turn out to be a remedy, a pill that resuscitates us and awakens us to the process of religious learning?

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