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What should we do to like the things we do not like, and love those we do not love?

First, we should learn the roots of why we do not like and love.

Is that which we like because of habit?

If we like a certain food just because we have been fed with it since a tender age, we have been accustomed to the point that it becomes a habit; thus, when we eat this food we feel the pleasure of our body and its impact on the spirit, and it makes us feel happy and content.

We probably like this food because it has the substances that our body is craving and can respond to our needs during a certain time. Alternatively, our children who were born and raised up elsewhere with different kinds of food will have different preferences than ours.


Likewise, things that we like and dislike come from external influences in an indirect manner, and our tastes are just the accumulated outcome over time.

Therefore, how can we love someone whom we do not love?

First of all, we should ask this question: Why I do not love him or her? Does he or she have anything different from what I have? What is in him or her that causes my dislike or that I cannot accept? How do I link him with his past? And how do I link him with my own past and our common past? Is it true that every time I see him, listen to him, observe his acts, I am influenced by my personal prejudice and preference?

We are suppressed and manipulated by our own habits and preferences, which are blurring our wisdom and causing us to have subjective observations. As a result of this, we oppose others and do not accept them.

While we continue to have this state of mind and do not accept others, our heart is restrained, and all the things we see or hear come not from the depth of our heart, from the open-minded love between human beings; rather, they are always processed by the reasoning of the mind or by the prejudices accumulated in everyone’s life.

Once we know the reason of what we like or dislike, those we love or do not love, our wisdom will emerge to lead us on to a broader life. Therefore we will appreciate what is good and beautiful and learn more from those around us.

Having understood thoroughly the roots of all existences in life, we can untie all the bonds and chains of our spirit and body. We can feel that life is worth living. We will have a broader view about things and see that each person has his or her own personal and/or interesting character, as we have never before recognized.



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