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How can we differentiate between “Six Delusive Awarenesses” and “Telepathy” or direct encounters among spiritualities?

Telepathy among spiritualities is impulsive reception without any initiation. The receivers experience impulsive feelings and emotions that do not go through the process of thinking, imagination, or recollection.

If, after having known about these impulsive receptions and feelings, we let them go away, this is complete telepathy.

If, after having had those impulsive receptions, we let the thinking and recollection process continue with emotional feelings of the past and recurring dreams of the future, we thereby step into the world of the six delusive awarenesses, since all feelings and emotions are now controlled by delusion and pull us out of reality.

Men live mostly in the makings of the six delusive awarenesses. Therefore their feelings and emotions often fluctuate, from joy to grief, from love to hate. They are pulled and pushed by these illusions and are constantly agitated, anxious, and fluctuating.

To live in tranquility and complacency, or to live in the present time, we can stay out of all emotions influenced by the six delusive awarenesses or by the illusion of the past and the future. By living in the Emptiness of the present time we see equality in everyone. All good and bad characters are the result of the fluctuation and instability of a human soul.

If men know how to get back the present time, they will meet and love each other in this very nature of emptiness.



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