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To stay beyond astrological fortunes and misfortunes based on the year, month, day and hour of birth as well as on the influence of the stars and elements, we need to be sharp and insightful to keep pace with the activities of our instincts and physical bodies. We should frequently and closely observe the functions and changes in our organs and brains such as the muscles, the blood circulation, the electrical currents, the veins, and the respiratory tract.

A balanced body and balanced functions facilitate all activities under any circumstances and situations, to overcome all obstacles and difficulties in order to achieve success.

A healthy and dynamic body together with a sharp and insightful Prajñā (wisdom) will completely change the predicted destiny and misfortunes and bring good auspices.

If we lack control of our physical functions, we will fail or fall under the problems caused by our own sick bodies. Our willpower does not fail or surrender, but our poor health weakens the brain, and we will not be able to accomplish what we want to do and are determined to do. All arrangements and plans must be changed or dropped.

All life-related or religious tasks can be successfully accomplished as planned, if we closely follow every change in our spirituality and corporeality. A body should be healthy to nurture a spiritual mind that transcends time and space to predict the outcome of all tasks, even if they are challenging.

I am not the boat or the passenger, but the helmsman of the boat who follows the changes of the stream and the wind, of time and space. I know to stop the boat when the storm arrives and to go when the sky is clear.

I am floating in the stream of the river, and I am the river. 

I am floating in the stream of life and I am life itself. I am destiny.

Destiny and I are ONE.



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