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How can we live again in all the feelings and circumstances of the past, without falling into imagination or delusion?

Erase all impression about time, and blend the past into the present. End all prejudices and images of the activities that happened from the point of the chosen past until the present.

The Dharmakaya – or the Body of (spiritual and religious) Law – is not based on circumstances and conditions. The Dharmakaya does not live in the differentiation of the past, present, and future. To the Dharmakaya, the past, present, and future are one; as well as all circumstances and conditions.

The Dharmakaya is constantly present in all milestones. The Dharmakaya depends on corporeality, but it is also beyond corporeality; therefore, it does not depend on corporeality or on circumstances.

The Dharmakaya is present with corporeality, but it is also omnipotent and can come and go anywhere. Corporeality is limited by our life conditions, traditions, religions and rites, etc., but the Dharmakaya lives beyond the limitations of a human body and is capable of multiple metamorphoses, beyond the reach of human control.

The Dharmakaya is more powerful than the human mind, so it is not subject to the part of the brain that can cause hallucination and delusion.

Is it possible to harm a human body that is not in the Dharmakaya or a human boday that resides in the Dharmakaya?

The Dharmakaya is above the understanding of mundane cleverness; it knows both the past and the future. For this reason, mankind cannot harm the Dharmakaya.

The Communists could not harm Prophet Huynh Phu So because he is the Dharmakaya of the Buddha. He could foresee the coming events. All of his actions had their own reason. His absence, seen as an ambush by the Communists, was to build the foundation for anti-atheism in the belief of followers of Hoa Hao Buddhism. This is a necessity for the renaissance of our nation in the future.

Therefore, where is The Prophet?

He is present everywhere, as his Dharmakaya is not limited by corporeality or by external conditions.

We should have confidence in our faith. When his Dharmakaya comes to build the Dharma and the Nation, all minds will be one. There will be changes in the near future.



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