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If we have all the right to decide and to conduct our spiritual and physical life, what should we do?

Do we enjoy all pleasures as we please, or should we suppress our desires?

How can we enjoy the pleasures of life as thought we were not actually enjoying them, but without feeling suppressed?

Does the practice of the Way at a higher level help to solve all problems?

How can we see theism and atheism as one, and the righteous way and the false paths as one?

Can theism and atheism cohabit, as well as the righteous way and the false paths?

How can we change atheism into theism, and the false paths into the righteous way?

There is no yin without the yang, and vice versa. There is no wrong without right. There is no non-being without being. The yin and yang, the wrong and right, atheism and theism, all are in one. They should be divided into two to evolve, since they both have equal responsibilities and the same mission. However, any excessive development from one side may cause imbalance in the universe. When atheism develops strongly, theism will emerge to re-establish order in the universe.

At a high level of spiritual practice, one does make a difference between what is right and wrong. One should not just suppress the desire to do something, but should take some action, and should ask: “If I do not act on what I want to do, how can I make this work for the common benefit, and release my own need in order to have the wisdom to serve the community?”

One who knows how to change his minds and thoughts is no longer the object of the six awarenesses; rather, he is the subject of the six awarenesses.

Once we are able to shift our minds and thoughts, we will be in control of our lives, and life can no longer be our master. Therefore, we will often be in the state of Absorption; and from this state of Absorption will emerge Wisdom, to allow us to see all human conditions and surrounding circumstances.

In the state of Wisdom, we are like a chess player who can see all the past moves and anticipate all the future moves so as eventually to win the game. We are capable of seeing not only our own moves but also the other player’s moves, because we understand not only the chess game but also the opponent and ourselves.

In brief, there are the yin and the yang, the right and the left, two players in the chess game with all the moves that allow both sides to learn in order to evolve. There should be one who advances and another who recedes, as well as a winner and a loser. Evolution is life itself.



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