22 Tháng Năm 201212:00 SA(Xem: 12508)

Do human beings live in obscurity because they limit their spiritual and physical potential?

Do they pay too much attention to spiritual development and limit their physical development? Or else do they pay too much attention to physical pleasures and veer away from spiritual development?

Excessive spiritual development may lead people to be detached from reality, to fall into superstition and become mystified by miracles and delusions. When their hopes and illusions cannot be realized, they may lose faith in the Divine, or even in themselves and those around them. These people and their lives will be unbalanced and disoriented.

Even as they pursue spiritual and moral development, people should be aware of their physical development and needs under the law of nature. To understand both material needs and spiritual development will eventually bring equilibrium in life.


To pay too much attention to the spiritual life can also be a way to avoid confronting the material life. On the other hand, to indulge in the material life can be to avoid faith and direction in the spiritual life.

Once we realize this, we should go back to reality and stabilize the mind, to see where we are standing and what we are doing.

Each second of wakefulness is the beginning step in our journey to rebuild the order of the mind and the body. Many seconds of wakefulness will help us to advance in our journey.

Once we achieve harmony and equilibrium between the spiritual and material life, we can begin to redirect our path and start to solve the problems in our lives.


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