22 Tháng Năm 201212:00 SA(Xem: 12810)

What is worth doing and needs to be done is not to end Communism, but to focus on the cause of national righteousness. Similarly, what needs to be done is not to eliminate false religious paths, but to promote the Righteous Way.

If you want to criticize a wrong approach, you have to provide a right approach that would benefit everyone. Similarly, if you want to unveil the false paths, you need to expose the Righteous Way for people to compare and choose.

Do not lecture or teach others, as every one of us can evolve at the same level. Those who see sooner will go ahead, and those who see later will go afterwards.

Those who go ahead will share their knowledge as well as their mistakes with those who go afterwards, so that they can learn from these experiences to avoid errors and missteps. If they do not have faith in the sharing of our experiences, they will have to learn their own lessons.

The Righteous Cause, the Righteous Way, or the Truth do not need to be called upon, justified, or defended but only to be achieved.

The Righteous Cause, the Righteous Way, and the Truth will not benefit anyone if they cannot be carried out but are instead expressed only in words. They will always be a dream into which we will step from time to time in order to find a certain peace for our soul.

The Righteous Cause, the Righteous Way, and the Truth must be carried out, even if you must confront the challenges and dangers in life.

Without sweat, tears, blood and bones, it is impossible to realize that.


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