7-Eliminating a complex

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7-Eliminating a complex

Uncle Luu Hung told me that he hung the citation of the U.S. Army Commendation medal awarded to his son because he wanted to eliminate a complex caused by intentional distortions by the leftist U.S. news media, as well as by Vietnamese Communist propaganda, saying that the Republic of Viet Nam Armed Forces were merely an adjunct to the U.S. Armed Forces in the Viet Nam war. The citation reads: "This is to certify that the Secretary of the Army has awarded the Army Commendation Medal with "V" Device to Second Lieutenant Huyen Luu, Army of the Republic of Vietnam, for heroism on 24 April 1968 while serving as Team Leader, Joint United States/Republic of Vietnam Special Forces Reconnaissance Patrol...... Second Lieutenant Huyen's heroic action reflects great credit upon himself and the Army of the Republic of Viet Nam." Although the above citation refers to one specific event, it reflects the real relationship between the two allied armed forces in the war against a common enemy.


Uncle Hung's family is proud of having two members who have sacrificed their lives for the fatherland: Luu Huyen and Luu Chuyen Uncle Hung's cousin. Before his death Luu Chuyen was a Lieutenant, Senior Grade, in the Special Reconnaissance branch of the Vietnamese Navy. During the Viet Nam war, these Special Reconnaissance units oper­ated in coordination with the U.S. Special Forces, using small PT boats to conduct raids against the coastal areas of North Viet Nam.
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