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In memory of a hero who gave his life to his country, on the occasion of a visit to Miami (April 10, 1991)



On my arrival in Miami, I met Luu Doan. He was getting ready to return to California after visiting his grandparents for a week and paying his respects to his great-grandmother's grave at Woodlawn Park Cemetery.


Luu Doan is the son of the late Captain Luu Huyen, who served in the Vietnamese Airborne Special Forces. Captain Huyen was killed in action when the Communists launched a surprise attack against his unit at Suoi Mau (Bloody Stream), at the end of the runway of Bien Hoa airfield. He died on June 3, 1974 after he was wounded and evacuated for emergency treatment at a Marine clinic.


Luu Huyen passed away at the age of 30. He was posthumously promoted to the rank of Major of the Republic of Viet Nam Armed Forces and awarded the National Order of Viet Nam (the country's highest decoration) and the Gallantry Cross with Palm.

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