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You have decided to talk less, and not to talk about third persons whether what you have to say is good or bad. If you what you say is good, this might not be true; and to say bad things is unquestionably wrong. The best attitude is to give love and gentleness to everyone. When you can see the flaws of others in what they say, this is exactly right and not subjective at all. However, you do not have to worry, because on the spiritual path, those who start early may arrive later, and those who start late may arrive earlier, depending on each individual’s mindfulness in self-transformation. Awareness is very important. It is like a lamp to light the path and keep it bright. Without awareness, you walk in the dark. You might go around without knowing where; and sometimes you might even go in a direction opposite to that of the evolution course. At that moment, you lose self-awareness and you might stumble in one place, lose the way, or fall back into sins and mistakes.

Do always live in awareness of survival. The spiritual path has is many challenges and sufferings. Once you follow the path, you have to accept sufferings without complaint. Do not blame yourself or heaven and earth. You have to endure without a word!

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