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During its long history, Vietnam has endured numerous foreign invasions and, at times, extended periods of alien occupation. For close to a century, France ruled Vietnam leading to periods of great distress for the Vietnamese people.
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Nguyen Huynh Mai
“The little girl was only three years old, but she already knew how to wake up in the early dawn and come out to the banister contemplating the splendid sunrise over the waving surface of the immense river. Engraved in her heart forever was the magnificent image of the Nine-Dragon River under the dazzling orange light of the sun, which gradually brightened the azure blue sky of the so lovely country.” Tender Chilhood

“Most visitors came to the Ancestral Temple by the river, since Hoa Hao Village was located at the crossing point called Vam Nao between two rivers, Hau Giang and Tien Giang. At the crossroad was An Hoa Ancient Pagoda, a traditional Buddhist site; nearby was Dinh market. From Dinh market, there was a road running along the bank of Tien Giang river, passing over the Ancestral Temple, then her house, and continuing until Duong Tac market, passing Ba shrine, reaching Vam market, and Tan Chau market.” Tender Childhood.

“I was dozing off on my mother ’s lap. She continued to talk with Uncle and Aunt while caressing my back. The boat was moored in a small arroyo, surrounded by thick trees and grasses. The sounds of insects, frogs, and toads scared me, so I curled myself into a tiny ball near my mother. Her warmth comforted me, and I finally fell asleep.The feeling of tranquility and peace during the sleep in my homeland sank deeply and forever into my mind.” Homesikness. “Living in such a cozy and harmonious village, among people who treated each other kindly and lovingly just like members of the same family, and as I was so innocent and little during that time, I did not realize that it was actually a time of war throughout the country.  The village was like an island of paradise to me, loving, peaceful, and unforgettable.” Homesikness.
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