120- To accomplish the mission in this present existence

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120- To accomplish the mission in this present existence

June 17, 2002


What is like to be someone with a mission?

Could those with a mission avoid the tasks they are responsible for?

How do they know that what they should do is right or wrong?

Who will determine that they are right or wrong?

How could they try not to be confused in front of what needs to be done or to avoid?

How could they know for sure that their work, their path is right?

If they don’t do what needs to be done, and take the path to be followed, what would happen to them?

How could they differentiate what they want to do, and what they are obliged to do because of their duty or mission?

How could they end fear?


Fear only happens when there is no peace of mind. Sometimes we see it right, sometimes we see it wrong. Sometimes we live in the non-duality, sometimes we live in the duality.

When we have fear, we completely loose emptiness, and come back to the human character with all joy, anger, love, and hatred. We fear of losing what we own. We go back to the state of beginning; and to the position before we embarked on the Way.


When we want to embark on the spiritual Way, we might imagine or outline a path based on what that we’ve Heard or Described; or imagined by learning from others.

The spiritual Way is completely different from what we may think, or have described, or made others believe, because people are usually not sincere with themselves.


If they wrote and described intrinsically the spiritual Way; why are there many religious priests who have to go to court for their infringement of both social laws and dogmatic disciplines? Amidst thousands of them, many have written books about the beauty and transcendence of their religion.

Those who really understand the religious Way live a quiet life, they might wordlessly grin when reading those religious books.


The spiritual Way does not subject people to the principles, rules, and dogmas. The Way does not condemn people.

The Way is the path to liberate the soul, and bring complete spiritual and material freedom.


Those with a mission should REALIZE THE WAY. The realization of the Way is not about knowing by heart the lines of religious teachings, and dogmatic rules, which are only the means, not the end. The end should transcend the means to reach the level of insight, in order to understand the principles of heaven and earth.


Religions, faiths, dogmatic rules, etc., all are only a small part extracted from the principles of heaven and earth, not the holistic one. Those who had put in place religions, faiths, dogmatic rules only looked at some dimensions of the people they led, and wrote their teachings accordingly. Therefore, these teachings might be relevant or not in one place or the other, based on the level of education or culture of the people there.


Religious leaders and those who come after them might have been too ambitious for power and tried by all means of money, healing practices, and other techniques to convert people in some under-developed countries, and to have more followers, in order to expand their religious power.


Those who are on the spiritual Way should prevent such course. To honestly serve the religious Way is to whatever it takes to help the PEOPLE, no matter where they are, not only in their own country, but every one in the world.


To achieve this task, we need to sacrifice and be self-effacing. We need to leave behind what we have in order to work, learn and fulfill the mission. Those with a mission would not seek out people and tasks, because they will come to us naturally. We would fulfill the task as it comes. Those with a mission clearly understand what needs to be done. There is confusion if they want to avoid the task and those who work with them.


The task would be easier; the soul would be serene if we know how to accept it as a mission. All difficulties are only challenges to forge sharpness, wisdom, and intelligence.


To reach the prajnã wisdom, we have to go beyond everything that we had learned or written. To go beyond does not mean to forget about them, but step into a new phase to learn more about creativity, so that we could find harmony with the evolution of the yin and yang in heaven and earth.


We cannot drag on our foot but should move quickly forward to gather, learn, and create in order to serve the people, so that by the end of this existence, we may evolve to the next existence with the same mission of serve. If we advance too slowly, we will regress; our mission will not be accomplished. If we fail in this existence, instead of evolving, we will be regress. Not only we cannot accomplish our mission in this life, but will not be able to serve in the next life: this is such a shame since countless existences.
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